Are you ready for the journey toward wholeness?

You don't have to walk this path alone.

(408) 909-7330

Are you ready for the journey toward wholeness?

You don't have to walk this path alone.

(408) 909-7330

    How can faith-based counseling help you?

    Over 20 years’ experience in guiding God’s hurting children on the healing journey

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    Dr. Red's experience and training enables her to offer faith-based counseling with specific expertise in:

    • Family violence (domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, incest, elder and sibling abuse)
    • Cultural humility (sensitivity to people from different racial backgrounds and cultural traditions)
    • Clinical issues (depression, anxiety, PTSD, suicidality, and other emotional problems)


    Although Dr. Red identifies as Christian, she has been a part of the interfaith community of ministers in Silicon Valley for many years, and is comfortable working with people from all religious backgrounds. She provides a supportive and safe space to individuals, families, and couples to work through their issues in harmony with their faith tradition.

    Dr. Red's Background and Training

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     Christine Hagion is a biblical counselor, minister, health educator, and author.  Affectionately known as “Red” for her flaming red hair, she is also the founder of The Ripple Effect, a nonprofit agency based in San José, California. 

    Dr. Red* is a graduate of Impact! School of Ministry in San José, where she earned her diploma in Christian Ministry.  She completed her doctoral degree in biblical counseling at Trinity Theological Seminary and College of the Bible in Newburgh, Indiana. 

    Dr. Red is a licensed minister of GateWay City Church in San José.  She was ordained through the Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies in Monroe, Louisiana in 2008.

    Christine completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at San José State University.  She has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1983.  She and her husband Victor have been married for over 20 years. They have two adult daughters and six grandchildren (one now deceased). 

    *Dr. Red is not a licensed mental health clinician.

    To visit Dr. Red’s author page, click here.

    Want to Learn More About Dr. Red?

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    Snippets of Dr. Red’s story are captured in:

    • Christine Hagion (2017). “A Love Story Only God Could Write.” Inspire Love. Sudboro, D. and M. Janene (Eds.). Sacramento, CA: Inspire Press. ISBN: 9781938196126

    • Christine Hagion (2015). “Thief.” Inspire Forgiveness. Sudboro, D. and M. Janene (Eds.). Sacramento, CA: Inspire Press. ISBN: 9781938196096

    • Christine Hagion (2014). “Prophetic Promises.” Inspire Promise. Sudboro, D. and M. Janene (Eds.). Sacramento, CA: Inspire Press. ASIN: 1938196066

    • Christine Hagion (2009). “Brotherly Love.” Chicken Soup for the Soul: All in the Family.  Canfield, Jack, Victor Mark Hansen, Amy Newmark, & Susan M. Heim, (Eds.). ISBN: 978-1-935096-39-9. 

    • Knudson, Sharon, M. & Heitzman, Mary Fran.  (2008).  “Me? A Battered Woman?” Starting From Scratch When You’re Single Again. Lake Mary, FL: Christian Life. ISBN: 978-1-59979-254-5.

    • Christine Hagion Rzepka (2004). The Poetry of Abuse Collection. San José, CA: The Ripple Effect. 


    Which journey are you on?

    Depression & Anxiety

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    Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives. 

    Faith-based counseling can help you recover motivation, develop perspective, and discover joy--even if you have never had it before in your life. 


    Trauma & PTSD

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    Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. 

    Fear, hopelessness, and an inability to trust are a few of the emotions that can linger long after abusive experiences or traumatic events. 

    Dr. Red can help you overcome these symptoms and walk alongside you as we process your grief and the loneliness that often accompanies it.  Together we can face your trauma so it no longer has a hold on you.


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    Relationships are often affected by trauma and past or current abuse.  

    Counseling can be beneficial to both individuals seeking to enhance their communication skills and couples who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection. 

    Counseling sessions are a supportive and safe place to discuss issues and solutions to better strengthen your relationship.     

    A word from Dr. Red

    I have walked the path of healing myself

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       A few years ago, my husband, Victor, had to undergo an angiogram at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto. I was unable to accompany him that day, as I was in court accompanying a domestic violence victim.  We prayed before his procedure and my client's court case, and separately drove away  to our appointments.

    As he walked into the surgical suite, he noticed that the orderlies and surgical assistants who were preparing for the procedure were singing quietly to themselves. Although Victor had been given a mild tranquilizer, he was still a little nervous at the thought that a catheter was going to be inserted into his blood vessels in just a few moments (while he was conscious, too!). Once seated, Victor listened closely, and he had a surprising discovery: he recognized the song they were singing as Chris Tomlin’s classic anthem, “How Great is our God.”  A gentle calm flowed over Victor, and he, too, hummed the melody.

    Moments later, the doctors and surgical assistants entered, and introduced themselves to their patient.  By some happy scheduling quirk, the doctor who would be conducting the angiogram was none other than a renowned cardiologist from Stanford Healthcare!  Immediately, Victor felt more peaceful.  His procedure was successful, and he returned home later that afternoon. 

    Together, faith and medicine restored Victor to health.  Likewise, faith and psychology combined to help me to heal from my own experience of abuse.  Since I have walked that difficult path, I can guide you on your own healing journey. Whether your abuse experience was yesterday or decades ago, you can heal.

    Sometimes, people of faith who have endured abuse or trauma have spiritual questions as a result of their victimization. I can help you work through the difficult issues in the crisis of faith that often accompanies the intentional injuries inflicted by those closest to us. 

    Regardless of your particular faith tradition, the biblical principles I use can help restore you to wholeness.  

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